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2019 Limited Edition Mother's Day Gift Set


2019 Limited Edition Mother's Day Gift Set


The perfect gift for all of the mother’s in your life!

  • Potting Shed Creations - Garden-in-a-bag for Mom

  • Essence One - Chamomile Lavender Milk Bath Tea

  • Moglea - Tapestry Sticky Note Hero

  • Beautiful Briny Sea - Magic Unicorn Salt

  • Terroir Chocolate - Mini ‘Salty Nibber’ Chocolate Bar

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Each of these products has been carefully curated from small, artisan focused companies based in the United States.


Potting Shed Greations - Garden-in-a-bag for Mom

A growing expression of love for that special Mom in your life. Zinnias have a long blooming season from spring to Autumn. Send flowers that will last several months not several days.

Essence One - Chamomile/Lavender Milk Bath Tea

This handmade Lavender and Chamomile bath helps relax you while moisturing your skin. It’s the perfect bath right before bed and lets face it - we Mom’s could use a relaxing bath from time to time! Essence One uses only 100% pure essential oils and natural colorants.

Moglea - Tapestry Sticky Note Hero

75 sheet die-cut sticky notes. Moglea is an Iowa-based letterpress studio that focuses on the craft of artful stationery and paper goods. Production proceses are done by hand and make each piece feel one-of-a-kind.

Beautiful Briny Sea - Magic Unicorn Salt

Magic Unicorn Sea Salt is a blend of smoked paprika, garlic, rosemary, celery seed and pure ocean salt that can gussy up just about any dish. Put it on anything - it truly is culinary magic! Beautiful Briny Sea is an artisan dry goods company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their small-batch salt blends are made with integrity, sustainability and a whole lot of love.

Terroir Chocolate - Mini ‘Salty Nibber’ Chocolate Bar

Terroir is an organic bean-to-bar chocolate company based in Northern Minnesota. Each bar is is made in small batches in a family-owned factory making these chocolate bars truly artisan made.


Each gift set is sent in a beautiful black box and personalized with a custom message from you.